Project C

Medical dance

Organize medical dance curriculum for people who need communication and therapy through dance. Medical dance is ideal as a tool improving mind&body.
Medical dance is not just for therapeutic purposes but heart and soul.

Dance65 Senior

To increase activity and social activities, Senior age dance students are encouraged to use various genres by home-streaming and instructor 1:1 matching video (remote) dance training.

20.5% Senior (2025 Expected)

Wheel dance

Curriculum Home Streaming Video (remote) Dance Education&Management ( routine using dance movements of wheelchair dance sports, an official event of the Korea Sports Council for the Disabled )

58% of the total disabled are physically challenged people

Pine Dance

Curriculum Home Streaming Video (remote) dance training&management with daily dance routine to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease and maintain psysical functions as much as possible

Parkinson's patients increase year by year

New job creation expectations for art, physical professionals

Senior Target Healthcare DanceProfessional Instructor Training and Lecturing

Wheel Dance Project for the DisabledIndustrial-Academic Cooperation Research and Development