Gritva travel photo exhibition : There was my stage where I traveled.

exhibition tool : insta story

exhibition term : 2021. 09. 01 – 09 .30

complex exhibition :  @_gritva_ 

Participatory method : 

STEP. 1 Choose your own memorable travel photos
STEP. 2 Tag @_gritva_ in when posting photos
STEP. 3 Write Where did you go? What did you do? How was it?
STEP. 4 Make your story using the music you hear on your travel

“Where did you go to dance? Overseas travel !”
Can’t go anywhere now because of Covid-19.😞
Oh, miss it…😢
Let’s leave soon ~ O.v.e.r.s.e.a.s T.r.a.v.e.l !🏖

This event share your travel experiences with everyone and prepare for new experiences in the future.🔜

Please join this campaign🙋🏻 ♂️

•This campaign is conducted as Instagram story in real time and is #travelphotosharing game that makes us imagine the new place we’ll travel in the future.😌

※ This campaign started with the purpose of overcoming limited activity together.
※ Share your own trips and see others’ trips as well.
※ Share and tag any overseas dance, contest, restaurant, scenery, etc. as story.
※ This is a pre-event of the Global Gritva Dance Festa(GGDF) to be held in 2022.

Dancesports : https://instagram.com/gritva_challenge

Salsa : https://instagram.com/gritva_salsa

Swing :  https://instagram.com/gritva_swing

Street dance : https://instagram.com/gritva_street

Kfolk : https://instagram.com/gritva_kfolkdance

K-POP : https://instagram.com/gritva_kpop

Disabled dance : https://instagram.com/gritva_disabled

Senior dance : https://instagram.com/gritva_senior

International : https://instagram.com/gritva_international