Dance&Sport Project

Global Dance • Sports Platform
Make a world that connects people again
through music that heals mind&spirit and dance that heals physical health

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Dance&Sport Project

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Make a world that connects people again through dance and sport that heals mind&spirit and physical health


About Atomato

Atomato was started to create an environment where all entertainment/sport people can dream of a better future. We presents the possibility of expanding various entertainment/sport industries.

Projects online and offline, and the contents are as follows.

1. Professional Arts and Physical Education Academy Link System
2. Development and distribution of arts and physical education-related esthetics and products
3. On/Off-line Global Tournament and Dance Festival
4. Produce and distribute medical-linked medical dance home-streaming content
5. Planning and consulting for online and offline events
– International dance conferences, workshops, travel, international competitions, festivals, performance production, cultural programs, etc.



Of the People
For Cooperation Growth Hope
Make a beautiful world with dance &sport creators.



On/Off-line Project.

Project A

Gritva Dance and Sport Platform National Dance Academy Link System

  • One, All dance and sport academies should be happy.
  • Two, you can’t miss a single class inquiry.
  • Three, Establishment of essential product sales lines in dance academy with shop in shop
  • Four, With strategic that maximizes the marketing promotion effect of each academy

Dance academies across the country save marketing promotion costs and time through a single link (Dance Platform: Gritva), shop in-shop sales lines, and a system that links external instructors.

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Project B

Gritva Dance Competition & Festaon/Offline Competition+Global Festivals

Various types of tournaments are held online and offline for each dance genre/age. We try to hold various kinds of offline-focused competitions. Online + Offline dance performances and Offline dance festivals are connected through global network.

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Project C

Medical Dance Medical Dance Education Link Project

  • One, corresponding increase in demand of Dacne medical program, such as retardation, seniority, Parkinson, etc.
  • Two, lack of professional programs.
  • Three, a field of strong influence with medical factors.

A system for developing programs for improving the treatment purpose and health of specific target groups and providing coaching and management through 1:1 video matching.

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Event Contest.

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